Having a dream

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

What do you do to achieve your dream? How much are you willing to work for it? How much are you willing to sacrifice for it? How long are you willing to struggle through it?

We all have dreams. Be it big or small. Career dreams, personal dreams, family dreams. We all have hopes and expectations of ourselves and of the people around us. This has led me to a thought of how far are you willing to go to achieve these dreams?

1. Career / your calling in life

This might be your dream job to work in one of the big four companies, it can be to be an executive in the largest bank, or it can be being the best possible teacher, doctor or priest you can be. It can be something you took a degree for or it can be a vocation that you are inclined towards.

Either way, it is something you are passionate about in what you do most of your time. You will pull strings left right and centre to get there – to achieve the goal and feel that sense of fulfilment in your life. It’s the thing you feel as if it’s your purpose in life.

If you have found that calling, then I think you’ll know and agree with me that nothing will get in your way. You would travel miles to get to that place no matter if it’s on the other side of the world. You would let go of your lover to get there even if you care so much about each other. Because it’s the thing that you know will make your life fulfilling.

2. Personal

I’m sure each one of us evaluate ourselves and have this vision of who we would like to be. It can be in the version of having an idol or just vague characteristics we would like to have: courage, wisdom, perseverance.

This often leads to having a bucket list of things you would like to accomplish for yourself in the future. It doesn’t have to be anything to do with your career. It can be simply like go bungee jumping because you want to conquer your fear of heights, or go to Denmark to see how people live so happily there.

Would you leave your family back home for this? Would you delay a marriage for this? Leaving behind everything familiar and your own comfort zones, to find and explore newer territories for reasons purely to yourself.

Would you consider this selfish? Or liberating? I personally feel it is a necessity. We are who we are and we choose how we want to grow, so if we must I believe in leaving our comfort zones, because simply “if you keep on doing what you have always been doing, you are going to get what you have always gotten”. So why not try something new?

3. Family & Relationships

Do you have a plan on wanting to have a family? Possibly where you want to live, etc. I certainly have. In comparison to the other 2 dreams, this is something we don’t decide for ourselves. We can’t just make decisions alone. We make them in a family or with your partner. I mean sure you can have a vision of it, but it will always take compromise from the different parties and negotiations to achieve it.

In the end family & relationship dreams, are something that you achieve together with the people that matter to you. It is the most unstable yet stable one of all. Unstable because you are uncertain of what the other parties will think, they might not agree with you they might be angry at you for suggesting it but you have to try right? If it’s for the better? But yet the beautiful thing is that it is also the most stable, because once they have agreed with you you know they’ll be there fighting for it with you because they love you. While the other 2 dreams you might feel as if its “me against the world” you’ll have a support network here.

So dreams don’t always have to be in the form of a career or a job in mind. It can be in the different aspects of life. I personally believe in the fact that we must find our true calling in life and do what make will make us better and continue to grow. However, never forget the importance of having a dream for your current and your own family & relationships because they can be the support network you need to achieve your growth.

Always remember that every dream requires a lot of hard work (including relationships).

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell

Find your passion. Follow your heart.


Fighting Spirit

“This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
Starting right now I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me” – Fight Song (Rachel Platten)

Recently I have been having the job of motivating a lot of my friends that feel like they have lost their sense of drive. So I thought I should post something motivating here and hope that anyone reading this will feel motivated.

No matter if you’re having a major breakdown because you cannot find your goal in life or you have no more motivation to pursue a specific goal that seems so out of reach I would like to encourage you to fight on.

If you believe in something – do it. If it makes you happy – do it. Never give up on dreams just because it sounds too hard. Nothing comes easy but with hard work you can achieve anything.

For those of you who are struggling to find your goal and purpose in life, I would encourage you to take a step-back and analyse what makes you happy in life. What is it that makes you smile? It doesn’t have to be a specific occupation. Is it to interact with people? Is it designing something? Is it the research?

Find out why you like something. Is it because the thought of being able to interact with people gives you the satisfaction that you are directly helping them? Is the adrenaline in the pursuit of the chase in an investigation the thing that gets you pumped? – Answer the what and why.

Once you have found that, find the jobs/ course/ that it is applicable in. It can be as big or as small as you want it to be. No one is limiting you to anything as long as you believe in it. Really believe that you want it.

After that, set a plan on how to achieve it. What courses/ classes do you have to take in order to achieve it? Do you have to learn a new language? Who are the people you need to talk to to get a better idea? Do you need to make more connections? Do you need more internships? With which company? When do you need to apply by?

(Just a note that maybe consulting with a friend/ family that you believe knows you well is a good idea. They will be able to give you a perspective that you might not have realised before on you :))

All these what, when, who, where and when (don’t forget a timeline) will help you to define a new path (or at least redefined) plan for you. Hopefully through this you will feel that you have a new sense of purpose and will be able to make a big impact to the people around you, your community, or even the world.

Remember that no matter how big or small the impact is, you are making a difference. You don’t need to be the president to change someone’s lives significantly. As long as you are doing what you are doing with passion and love, you’ll change the people around you. 🙂

For those of you who are losing the motivation to pursue your dreams, your dreams are yours alone and no one else can chase it for you. I might seem over optimistic here but believe me that the biggest obstacle is yourself. There will always be a way to get to what you want.

First of all- make sure that your dreams are concrete (trust me when i say the motivation to get straight As purely for the grades is hardly a motivation in comparison to the will for you for example to get into medical school to be able to treat the patients that are dying from cancer because you have had a family member that went through the same thing, or something like that). Concrete dreams that is full of purpose is the main driving force.

Secondly, since probably at this stage you’re burnt out, take a small break. We all need it. Don’t deny yourself the need to rest. Get a few hours out in the sun going for a jog, or explore a new part of town. When you’re burnt out, if you don’t re-energise, it will not increase your productivity. Doing something else that rejuvenates you might give you just the time you need to recuperate and get back into the mood.

Lastly, pace yourself for the next round. Dreams are never that simple most of the time. If it was it would not be a dream would it? because it’s the thing you aspire to achieve – so it’s a marathon. Perseverance is fundamental. Take things one step at a time. Another helpful thing would be to talk to friends or family or whoever your support group is. Having a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear is always helpful when you feel like giving up but is in need of someone to motivate you to go on. Small steps lead to a great journey so make sure you take the small steps and you will look back and finally realise how far you have gone.

It might take a lot of effort with a lot of sleepless nights, literal blood, sweat and tears sometimes and a lot of disappointments but I believe that you can do it! 🙂

I especially quoted the song “Fight Song” because I hope that after reading this and maybe some thinking you have the Fighting Spirit within you to continue pursuing what you believe in. Find that passion of yours so that you can fight for it and prove that even if no one believe you can do it, you have the fighting spirit to prove them wrong.

As always, follow your heart, find your passion.


Things People Who Keep Moving Face

“My life is the road, man. I need to keep moving.” – Matthew McConaughey

So I was trying to write an email to ask for an enquiry in my native language a few days ago when I realised that I am so out of touch in using that language. This made me think that although I do have a nationality, I don’t feel like I belong anywhere. I’m sure some of you out there feel this way too – like all those people who have constantly moved around in their lives that they just can’t/ don’t identify themselves as a certain group of people? anyone?

Here are some things that I thought about:

  1. Being a citizen of the world: I mean, sure you have your nationality on your passport. But there has never been this sense of nationalism at all and it’s not because there is anything bad about your home country (ok maybe there are a few things – or a lot of things) but it’s just that you don’t identify yourself with it. Instead, you feel free to go wherever you want and to serve wherever you are.
  2. Home is not a specific place – but it’s wherever the people you love are: You don’t have a specific place where you identify as “Home”. It is not a house/ an apartment/ a flat, etc. But more likely than not – it’s a group of people: your family, friends, lover.
  3. Being bilingual/ multilingual: Ok this doesn’t apply to everyone that constantly moved (I guess it depends on where you move and all that). But most of the time, people who constantly move around end up being either bilingual/ multilingual. And although it might sound great (“oh cool you can speak a different language”) – more often than not, you end up being rubbish at both ( or all) the languages that you speak. Either that or your brain really function in a main language and the other language(s) have to be switched on and off.
  4. Adaptability is second nature: Moving around continuously – changing environments, cultures, schools, friends – have ultimately made you a very very adaptable person. You adjust to whatever new food or culture or habits that you see and respect people from different places with different habits very easily. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no personality because you just like to “blend-in”. Not at all. Quite the opposite actually, due to living in so many different places you usually end up adding new little things to your personality which makes you- you!
  5. You’re willing to try so many new things: I guess this comes with the adaptability portion. Finding the need to constantly adapt to new things, you are often not afraid to try new things. I guess you get used to it to the point that you’re like “yeah why not as long as it’s not incredibly stupid”.
  6. That’s another thing, you have a “survival mode”: you are able to live independently and be comfortable of who you are and that you are independent. Which means going to have lunch in a restaurant alone for you is not something awkward, going to the museum or shopping alone is not sad and pathetic – it’s just something you do, or sometimes even enjoy.
  7. You find that you are completely (or maybe too?) understanding of other people: Not necessarily a bad thing. But I guess considering the fact that you have been in the situation of “the odd one out” so many times because of moving continuously, it makes sense that you are more understanding to different types of people. You value that everyone is different – no one fits in a stereotype and you accept them (although you might not agree with them).
  8. You are incredibly (and unbelievably) good at packing: I will have to laugh at this one because I can’t even count how many times I’ve packed my stuff. Moving houses and across continents and countries have made you an incredible packer. Essentially, you are able to let go of the most useless stuff no matter how cute they are and keep only the stuff that you know will be useful or that is extremely memorable (which leads on to number 9).
  9. You have a lot of keep-sakes: and that’s the most wonderful thing. You do still keep most of the stuff that people give you from when you spent your time there – all the little notes, letters, scrapbooks, photos, etc. The memories for you are worth keeping because there is nothing constant in your life except for those memories. Memories of  friends you might never meet again, love interests that are too far away to maintain a proper relationship with, family members that you struggle to talk to everyday.
  10. It is so difficult to find someone with the same thinking as you: I suppose this is because the way you think is shaped by the different cultures/ environments you have lived in, the different people you have met, and all the experiences you have encountered. It is difficult to find someone who holds the same values and way of thinking – most of the time those that do are others who have equally moved around in their life.

Well this list is definitely not comprehensive. I’m sure there are other things. To anyone who is reading this: do you agree with me? What else would you add? Let me know 🙂

As always: Follow your heart, find your passion.